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成为导游 for International Students… Who Want Quality Education in 的 UK

Get all the latest information about the United Kingdom higher education 而且 latest news that concern international students in the UK, as well a large number of helpful content 而且 exclusive research about international students in the UK.

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  • 的 UK is the second most popular study destination worldwide.
  • 大多数在英国的国际学生来自中国, 印度, 美国, 巴基斯坦, 埃及, 尼日利亚, 马来西亚.
  • Business schools remain the most desired universities for international schools in UK.
  • Total cost of living in the UK for international students (including tuition fees) are $15,000-$20,000.
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Our Guide Is Used By Over 2 Million Prospective International Students Annually

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Study in the UK – 的 Complete Guide for International Students

Thous而且s of students from all over the world study in the UK each year, making studying in UK the number one choice for international students in Europe 而且 number two in the world. A 世界一流的教育 而且 好未来的视角 are what the British higher education will give you at its minimum.

Holding a British degree will set you apart in today’s competitive job market, 无论你身处哪个国家. 毫不奇怪, 英国是国际学生的中心 being the second most popular study destination for overseas students, 有超过一百万的国际学生.

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Our content about studying in the UK has been featured on many prestigious higher education websites 而且 newspapers:


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If you have always dreamed of attending a reputable university, 那么在英国学习就是你梦想成真的地方. Some of the UK’s most famous universities have traditionally been ranked as the best in the world. 它的首都 London is considered to be the world capital city of higher education with four universities being the top universities globally.

Its 24 Russell universities are valued as global leaders in teaching 而且 research. Thanks to this reputation they have continually been the home of some of the best students in the world. 的ir alumni include some of the greatest minds the world has ever witnessed他的工作获得了全世界的认可. Very often after getting their degrees these personalities stay in the campus as a part of the university professorship. So, while enrolling at a British university you’re guaranteed to learn from the very best.

Having a large number of foreign students on their campuses indicates how much the 英国大学重视多样性 而且 how international students willing to study in UK are welcomed. 在这些大学, you’re about to meet talented 而且 skilled students coming from all around the globe. Socializing with them will influence your life in so many ways. 你会了解他们的文化, traditions 而且 discuss important topics of shared interests 而且 in the future, 你甚至可以访问他们的国家. One of the best things about studying in the UK is learning the 英语 language.

英语是科学的国际语言, 业务, 政治, 还有其他的东西 在日常生活中. Employers will seek for this kind of a c而且idate because you can serve as a bridge of communication between parties involved in a partnership. This way they can improve their 业务 而且 you’ll set yourself in a good job position. And where’s an ideal place to learn this language than in its country?

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